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Are you booking with the Culture pass?


Book in 3 steps!

- 1 -

Check our availability to find a time slot that suits you on the Booking page

- 2 -

Go to the Pass Culture app and select the offers  1 player  Where  2 players to reserve your places. *

With the option  DUO the number of players is doubled.


- 3 -

Send us your reservation QR codes and the desired time slot by email to:  and receive a confirmation email.

* Attention, you must be at least 3 players to reserve a slot. Cumulate the offers in order to reserve for 3 to 6 players.  

Example: If you are a group of 3 players, book the 2 player offer  then the offer  1 player and send us the 2 reservation codes by email. 

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