80 years ago,

Dr. Henri Deveaux and his Scottish wife Gladys, lived in the mansion with their daughters, Sophie and Moïra. Moïra, suffering from the disease of glass bones, died at the age of 11 following a domestic accident in the mansion. The Deveaux couple did not give any sign of life after their return from Moïra's funeral in Scotland. The local police did not investigate their disappearance.


80 years later, the mansion has been abandoned and the Deveaux family has been forgotten. The few who  dared to enter the house talk about an occult presence wandering the corridors. Who is it ? How and why did it find herself haunting the mansion?


Unlock the secrets of the Deveaux family and free the mansion from the spirit that haunts it!




Take turns  exploring the mansion.

Collect the Artefacts : key objects belonging to the deceased that reveal memories of the past. 

Discover the truth about the Deveaux family thanks to the Artefacts. You should find a way to free the house form the spirits that haunt it. 

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