PANIK ROOM is the first remote guided team exploration game. More than a game, it's an immersive experience playing with your senses, your imagination and your team spirit thanks to its unique device.


The game is played between two zones: the HQ (the PANIK ROOM) which houses all the players and the mansion that each player will have to explore to collect a clue. However, before entering the mansion, the player is equipped with an opaque visor helmet, an integrated camera and a flashlight. The image of the camera is retransmitted in the HQ. His teammates will be his eyes and guide him into the mansion, while avoiding the spirits that haunt it!


By adopting a camera subjective shot device, PANIK ROOM is a unique experience inspired by Survival Horror video games and Found Footage movies. The worst is that you might believe it...


The PANIK ROOM is a team challenge. Once you're in the house, you depend entirely on the indications of your team. Develop your own strategy to communicate remotely and be victorious.


The creation of PANIK ROOM was motivated by one goal: optimize the immersion . Special care has been taken in the sets and staging in order to create an environment worthy of best horror films.

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